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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I love stars

Many of my quilts are based on stars of some type.  I love them.  I have been fiddling around with EQ6 lately and managed to work out how to draw up a 6 pointed star.  These are 5 that I have sewn up. I still have to add the set-in pieces to make them into a hexagon shaped block.  Not looking forward to that - I might like stars but not sewing set-in pieces.  This will test my maths skills and if EQ6 turns out a good block. 
A project for a quiet day I think.


Frances Leate said...

Set in piecing is not difficult Joy just more time consuming with more stopping and starting. Lately I have chosen to hand piece these types of blocks - much easier. Take care.

Radka said...

I know what you mean about stars, they have so many possibilities. You are doing ok :)