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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stuff etc - I'm sort of still here....accumulating stuff...

My apologies for neglecting my blog.  I have been busy with family stuff.  Hopefully most stuff has now settled down a bit. My mum's unit has now been sold and was settled last week so all the sorting/cleaning etc is finished.  I still have quite a few boxes of stuff in my house that need to find a good home.  DS2 returned from 5 years in Qld (Noosa) and bought all his stuff, even though he is sharing a house with a couple of mates, says his stuff wont fit there!  Then DS3 whose house has just been sold - please mum, can I store some of my stuff at your place until I get new digs!

Amongst all this stuff happening, I had a wonderful 5 days in Kiama last month at the annual Scquilters Retreat - 120+ other quilters from around Oz invaded the small coastal town just below Sydney.  In Melbourne we had the annual Australasian Quilter's Convention and Show and I masqueraded as an Angel for 2 days - the first doing White Glove duty in the Show area answering questions, showing the backs of quilts and making sure no-one bought in food or drink.  The second day was working as a Tutor's Angel with Gloria Loughman, an Australian Landscape Quilt Artist.  Both days were fantastic and I will definitely do it again.

After all of this, next week I'm off on holiday - flying to the US with DS1, DDIL and granddaughter.  We're going to NY, Chicago and Boston AND Disneyland!!!!!  Can't wait to experience this with a 4 yo who firmly believes the 'real Cinderella and the real Snow White' live there.  Not the pretend ones!  The real ones!

Hope to post again before I leave as there has been lots of other things happening around here.  I have even finished a couple more UFOs, but still have to take the photos.

Take care,


Lindi said...

What is it with kids and their stuff? I've lost count of how often mine have done that.
Kiama was fabulous, wasn't it? Can't wait for Townsville next year!
Your quilt Angel duties would have been fun. Definitely sounds as though they are worth doing again. :)

Frances Leate said...

Joy you have been missed! I know all about "stuff" and we still have lots and lots of it around our home. The spare bedroom is chock-a-block as a lot of it was moved there when the cyclone was around and now needs to be sorted through!!! Have a wonderful trip.

Radka said...

My, you have been busy!
Enjoy your holiday and bring pictures back :)
As for DS's and their stuff - all I can say that there is a lot of stuff up in my loft ("only for a bit, while I am travelling" or "there is no space where I live now" or......). It has been there years!!!!

sheilasanderson said...

enjoy your trip.....return with a suitcase full of ????????????