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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The next 6 ATCs

 Here are the next 6 ATCs to arrive in my mailboax - I love them all.

The first one is from Anne in the UK - the technique she has used is organza bonded onto a felt background, cutback and then stitched.  The amazing card she sent with it is, in her words "a bit of encaustic arwork'!!!  At bit - it is amazing work, the first of this type I have seen.  Thank you so much Anne.

This photo of the card sent from Julie in California doesn't do her work the justice it should - it is a beautifully pieced 8-point star which is small enough to fit on the size of an ATC!
 This next one is from Maria Clara in Spain - a delicate dragonfly made from fine tuille and beaded on a delicately dyed/painted lace background.  Much better in real life.
This next one came from Kathy in the UK which is applique, hand and machine embroidery, and she included some beautiful pieces of silk and tuille with it which will go into my 'play box'.  Can't wait to do something with this beautiful fabric.
Diana from NZ included a postcard with hers.  I love this idea as you can see the different places in the world where your swap partners come from.  It is something I have always done when sending an ATC or Postcard to another country and have always had positive feedback from it.  The ATC Diana sent is hand-dyed silk background with a piece of Paua shell and NZ stamp collaged on. Lovely card Diana.

Finally for this post the lovely birthday cake complete with candles, which looksis good enough to eat, came from Montse, another lady from Spain.
That's all folks for today, there are more to photograph and put up very soon.  I just love being part of this international swap.  The cards are so diverse with both style and technique and there is no huge demand of one's time to have the cards for each month ready and sent in time for the birthday girl as long as you get the cards in the mail in the month of the birthday and let the list know when you have posted them.  If some arrive before your birthday you have to try and not open till the day (a very hard thing to do -:) )but your birthday can last a whole month! It's great going to the letterbox and finding a little envelope instead of those horrible window-faced ones which mean a bill, ugh, hate those things.

Have a good week, be happy, create something, take care.....Joy


Radka said...

They are all nice, love the birthday cake!

Gina E. said...

ATCs are getting more spectacular than ever! I envy you for a minute or so, but then I remember spending most of last year trying to keep up with all my ATC and postcard exchanges...and it reminds me why I decided not to do it any more! Not that I've been doing a lot of stitching in recent weeks, but I take satisfaction in completing some of my UFOs.

jacaranda said...

I love the ATC's as well as the greeting cards. You are very lucky.

Karen said...

What a great birthday present Joy. I love things coming in the mail. Your ATC pressies are just gorgeous