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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm back

I'm back in blogland - wow, what a busy last couple of months. Christmas. New Year. Stinking hot weather. We have had days of 35/40C (95/104F) and even some up to 45C (110F). That's hot, but here in my part of Australia that is summer.

You know the drill - when you live by yourself and have now retired everyone thinks you have 'time on your hands'. That was 2009 and end of a decade. The year 2010, the start of the next decade, is my year - for me; for saying no some of the time; to enjoy my retirement more doing what I want; for finishing some (at least I didn't say all!!) projects that have been sitting around for a long time; etc etc. I'm not brave enough to put up a list of these, plus a list of what I want to do, ie start to do. I feel if I do this it will be so overwhelming I might crawl in a hole and hide!! Just looking at my tubs is enough.

On this subject of finishing projects - I did make a New Year's resolution, which I should be able to keep - I'm not going to start a new project until I finish an old one (regardless of the size of the unfinished one, it could just be a bookmark rather than a full quilt) but hopefully it will keep me on track then I wont feel guilty about starting some else!!!

One the major things I wanted to do is sort out my sewing room - I know everyone wants to do this and how many times do we do it? But is for real, cull, sort, list, put back.....(did I say put back!!,) put back what? what I have culled - no, hopefully I can be strong and only put back what I really want to keep.

I can now say, it is done.

A good thing that is already happening is a few of my friends are now starting blogs. One in particular is Frances Leate, up in Cairns, (northern Aust). Frances designs quilts and with her husband Peter, they run the 'Cairns Craft Centre' a quilt/sewing/embroidery etc shop. You can see Frances' blog here. She has had designs in APQ and there is one hers in the next issue that is due out soon.

I have now sorted my photos of my trip to Houston last year and will put some more up over the next week or so with notes of what we did.

Another thing I've done since Christmas is get some pics of my early projects, quilts, needlework etc and will gradually put them up here also for you to see. So check back every week or so and see what I have been doing in the past.

That's all for now, folks! Will get those photos up soon. I think I'm now a bit more organised.

Till next time,


Frances said...

Hi Joy
The only way I seem to get projects finished to have a deadline - any quilt that is just for me seems to sit in the unfinished heap.
Congratulations on organising your sewing room!
Cheers, Frances

No Name said...

Well done Joy. I don't have a choice but to clean out my sewing room before moving, whereto? who knows. Great day last Sat, LeeAllan has done a wonderful job with the list.
I have just posted my latest Sylvias blocks on my blog. Got the bug. Karen